Kiah our female is a first generation Miniature Goldendoodle. She has since retired. She currently serves as a second mom to all of the littles.
She weighs 35 lbs with a wavy, golden coat.
She is a full time family dog with a very confident but laid
back temperament. Excellent with people and other animals.

Baz our male is a second generation F1B
 Goldendoodle that weighs
53 lbs. He has a beautiful reddish brown curly coat.
He is also a full time family dog with a very easy going temperament. Highly intelligent he is a challenge as he
is a practical joker with a high desire to please.

This is Bindi, she is an F2B Goldendoodle.  She has a creamy white coat, with loose curls. She's a full time family dog and aims to please. She's very calm and loves to lay around. 



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