Our doodles are absolutely home raised, and highly socialized they are the center of our daily lives.
 They sleep with our children every night.
They also have a large yard to exercise and play, which
they really enjoy. Doodles are very playful!

Our litter will be home raised, no kennels or fences.
We are decided to have a litter for the puppy experience.
These pups will be highly socialized and exposed to every stimulus our house has to offer. Our 10 yr old daughter has taken charge with regard to playtime. She regularly brings a friend or two over to help. They will be started on potty training and will have experience on many different walking surfaces.

If you are looking for a fantastic family dog the Goldendoodle is hard to beat. Highly intelligent and eager to please.
Fun loving and highly social.
Price for these F2B puppies

A deposit of $300.00
will let you reserve your special friend.

You can either pick one from our photo's or you can describe the type of dog you want and we can try to match a pup to your needs.

Katie taking a nap with on of the puppies!




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